No inspector for 'NNInfo'

Gadget Kk 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 2

Hi Everyone,

Hoping someone can point me to an answer for this... I'm using the Pathfinder A* asset which has a path feature to test if there is a path from point A to point B by getting the nearest nodes to those points. Getting the node info was easy enough, the but when i try to feed it into the IsPathPossible function i'm getting this oddball message in the variable value field: no inspector for 'NNINFO'

After doing some googling i tried doing the Generate Custom Inspectors but didn't help. Thoughts?

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Hi Gadget,

If NNInfo is a custom class without a Unity drawer, then Bolt can't automatically know how to render it in the inspector. That doesn't stop you from using it in a variable, though: you just won't be able to edit it from the variables window. 

Sorry, forgot this was out there. i actually figured out that the issue was with the A* Pathfinding asset (sort of). When i had my point B object set as a trigger it was seeing it as an obstacle and thus not able to complete the path. When i removed the trigger it was then seen as walkable and worked fine.

Thanks for responding though. I appreciate the effort instead of letting it fall by the wayside.