Visual Scripting in unity 2019.2

Manuel 3 years ago updated by JasonJonesLASM 3 years ago 1

How do you think this is gonna affect to bolt workflow? which tool should be the "standard"?

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It may have some effect, but I believe it will continue to be ahead of the curve. Bolt will be still easier to swallow for new creators, where Unity looks to be going closer to C# constructs with pre programmed higher level units, ala Playmaker. 

Bolt also has the ability to do a lot editor side, that even Ludiq don't talk much about, don't think Unity will have anything to do with that, unless some third party comes to save the day.

In the end, I think they will perfectly compliment each other. Where Bolt will probably be easier and faster, it isn't straight C# as in making new types with all the generic arguments, lambda, and all those super Csharpy things. They will fill holes for each other.