Scanner/Extractor UI

Xenolane Neza and Emzie Pendul 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 4

Hey guys, i'm looking for a way to make my scanner with bolt xD I wanna be able to scan objects/plants/animals and other stuff and put information on a GUI so the player can see the detail of that specific object :/ but can't figure out a way of doing it. I also need a way of extracting using the right click method AFTER scanning (but you can't extract from animals if they are still alive)

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I have similar thing in my project,

i will explain how i did it, maybee it works for u as well,

make tag "Scan items" put all objects which are supose to be scaned, under this tag, 

Then crate C# script "Scan Item info" in script create one public sting variable, name it "Items Info" save script,

add script to all of your Scan items and add text in public string "items info" which you want to see when object is scaned,

Update bolt, so you could find C# script "Scan Item info", 

then make event in Bolt -- On mouse right down --- raycast --- get gameobejcts tag -- check if tag is "Scan items" --- then fide script "Scan Item info" and add "Items Info" ---- then use that in canvas text to dysplay on screen or in log or what ever.......

about your dead animals, just when they die change there tag to "Scan items" and then player will be able to  scan it, 

Hey, i tried that but for some reason the OnShot method didn't work so well xD, unsure if i did it correctly or not xD

Do you have screen shots.

Hey, i deleted it cause i wanna start the scan from scratch i got the public string for the objects. But because i am using invectors OnShot systemI think that is why it didn't work properly the first time