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Hide 'Coroutine [ ]' checkbox of OnDisable, OnDestroy and OnExitState unit in the Graph Inspector

cooloon 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 2

For v.1.4.0f10 and above, Coroutine will be proceeded only when its flow is alive. So making coroutine flow on OnDisable, OnDestroy or OnExitState unit doesn't make sense now. In fact, those coroutine flow will be stopped when the flow reached any 'WaitForXxx' unit.

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Under Review

Hi cooloon! Good point. I'll consider this for the v.1.4 cycle when I get a minute, but the whole coroutine handling will be revamped in 2.0 by starting them from ports directly, so it might become moot by then.

Oh I can't wait 2.0!