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About 1 month ago i decided to learn unity. I've seen some basic tutorials and it looks tough. Coding is my weekness. Then I tried playmaker, it was code free but still difficult then i switched to Bolt. I found Bolt  flow graph is easy. But still unity is hard. There are thousands of function. Not easy to remember. 

When i started learning Bolt one thing was too much frustrating. There are too many functions or events (I don't know what to call them) repeating. 

If i right click and type vector, there are too many vectors, too many multiply, too many set position, get position. Names are same but so many repeats. I don't know which one to choose. 

This looks like only developers can understand these visual scripting weather its Bolt or Playmaker or uscript or whatever. For a non coders it will be dream.

I have seen that for small type of things people do very long and hard scripting. Even in Bolt visual scripting is lengthy. I make games in construct 2 and make these things very quick. For example if i want to rotate object towards mouse. Its very lengthy here. But in construct 2 i only have to say


Object rotate towards position >> mouse.x, mouse.y at angle. 

But here in unity this is a long process. 

So i am tired from learning unity and bolt and moving back to Construct 2.

But still I'll keep my eyes on Bolt's tutorial section, I hope i will get some tutorials in future. 

I want to learn Unity, I want to learn Bolt. 

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I saw this lecture from Bret Victor a couple years ago, who showed his ideas about programming, game design and video editing. It totally stunned me. The making of of games is pretty much away from what dreaming of them is. The gap between imagination and telling a computer how to achiev a lookalike goes from time to time deep into dry, hard math and coding. But things are changing in a good way, closer to it. The invention of programming languages on the first layer, engines and visual scripting on a second layer will be followed by more and more layers each getting more intuitive and away from coding in the way we know c# and so on.
If you are interested:

To know what is what and how to achiev things what takes years over years to accomplish is hard. It's a mountain to climb, but aslong as you do so, the top end will shrink and you get much more to stand above. Your view will spread and will take more things into account wich create more connections and provide a better understanding. Even on the codebase of sight. Like the different programming languages there are different types of visualisation tools coming from different minds. From the first quick look on construct 2 it looks like the question is, what you want to achiev. You might do rotations and other stuff much easier in construct 2 but will be limited in what else you can do in the end. But I agree that some things are a bit overcomplexed.


Programming languages, Unity, Bolt, these are all tools in the end. You must take the time and out for the effort to learn the tools. Sometimes it’s easy, sometimes hard but you do it. When you 1st started with Construct2 I’d bet you you didn’t know what you do now. Same here, take the time and use the resources currently available. 

Yes when i started learning  construct 2, it took 1 year to learn. Actually i learned while making a game. 

First i set a target game then started asking people questions in forum. Construct forum is too active i got my answers very fast. 

So my first game took 1 year where i explored construct very much. Then second game i made in 2 months. 3rd in 1 week. Then i started making my own tutorials. I made approx 80 tutorials for construct till date. When construct launched their new Construct 3 software. I made very first tutorial for construct 3 even before their official tutorials. 

But here community is not so active and small, but if i learned i wants to contribute here by making tutorials. 

So I'll continue learning bolt. 

So first of all i wants to recreate my existing games. Which will help me to learn basics. 

Thank you guys 

I came from construct 2 community as well, and I have very similar story, so I can agree from start it is overwhelming and it crossed my mind multiple times going back to construct.

I came to unity in this years January and found out about Bolt in march, and have worked with it since then, bolt has made my life much easier learning C# I probably would left unity if there wouldn't be bolt.

My personal tips, on how to go to unity from construct.

Unity it self is very simple, if you take one functionality at the time, valuate what kind game you want to make , and split in goals, and learn one behavior at the time, for example don't bother with shaders, and graphics at the start, start for example with raycasts, or joints learn them try to apply to your game, learn the physics.

Experiment, Bolt makes it very easy to just code while game is running, I know the feeling, whenyou compare to construct and you thing this would be much more easier in construct engine, but complexity is there for a reason, you can achieve much more with it and it makes a bit more sense in time.

one more thing Bolt will not replace C# scripting completely, my experience shows, that best results and order of code can be achieved, when using both Bolt and Script together, so in the end you can't run completely from learning scripting and syntaxes.

I am no expert, I have only one day a week to spare on my game making hobie, and I usually don't offer help because of my awesome English, but if you have any questions feel free to ask me directly, and I can try to guid you if not my self, maybee show direction to some decent tutorials, because unity is big and popular a lot of stuff is out there, and not all of it is good to learn from.

sorry for my english....

here my English is also not so good. and yest I have picked only one thing at this time . 

I have started same way I did in Construct 2. for a particular type of game i learned each thing step by step and here i stuck on very first step. 

what i want to do is.

I have a cannon which i want to rotate at mouse position but within a range between two angles on y axis. if you can guide me how to do this? pls help

may i show this with images?

use "clamp". It defines a maximum and minimum and uses their values instead of the higher/lower rotation values. The First Person Controller Tutorial hase alot of useful information too to get started with angles and rotations.

angle is not difficult part but I'm stuck on rotation towards mouse.

i think i know what you are talking about, as this is 3D environment there is multple ways on how to translate mouse postion, compered to construct 2D environment its a bit confusing... i dont know answer from my head, i will look in to it in few hours. if some one will not answer until that..... and also, i would sugest join Bolt Discord, i have seen that litle things are being asked there and people answer more quicker there as i have seen.

I never used Discord before, Tried once but it seems like live chat, when i ask question there and then lost it where it goes, Community is better then discord for me.

i am trying to achieve this from one week and getting very weird result. Cannon is rotating very fast and in wrong direction, sometimes continuously rotating fast until i set mouse center of the cannon. 

If i undestand corectly this is what you where trying to do ? 

I did same as you but here my result is different than you

cameras rotation has to bee 0,0,0, check that

Camera Rotation is 0,0,0.

One thing i noticed here. when i move mouse near from the object then above picture is happening. But when i move mouse far from object then it rotates correctly. (See below image)

it dose work fine but your cannon follows mouse on all 3 axes use vector 2 if u want to follow mouse only on two axes.

I would suggest reading and watching tutorials about these, as they are very useful, try them in bolt.



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