Is there any way of making presets?

How to Learn 3 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 3 years ago 1

I wants to know that is there any way of making presets. 

Suppose i completed a platform game and now i want to make another platform game. Then i don't want to recreate those technique again which i already made in previous game by spending lots of time. 

There are many techniques which would be same on similar type of game. 

For example:

Moving left-right, jump, shoot, flip, animation and lots of things. 

So i want to make my own library of those presets.

I am here not talking about copy and paste from 1 project ro another. I want to make them available for each project on side which i can grab any time according to my requirement. 

Is this possible to create? 

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Hi How to Learn!

Macros are project-agnostic assets that can be reused across multiple projects.

Since they're just a simple asset file, all you have to do is copy them across your other project.

For versioning and management, it would work like any other code library: either you set up a small version controlled repository with your library of macros, or maybe just symlink a common library folder into multiple projects.