Feature Request which could make developing process more fast

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I am not a programmer and don't have any coding knowledge but i have game development background. I have made many games in Construct 3 and now i switched to Unity with Bolt. 

I don't know if these features can be implement on Bolt or not.

In Construct 2 there are some pre-made behaviors which makes it easy to implement behaviors. For example: Platform Behavior 

by adding platform behavior directly to sprites then sprites will be able to move left , right, jump & double jump and we just have to set the values for these movement like below image.

these are properties of this behavior So we can set their values as per requirements. In the event section we have some conditions for this behavior


these are condition so we can do actions on specific condition.

and have some actions

these are actions we can do apply on specific conditions.
I am not a programmer and don't know if these type of things can be applied to Bolt or not. 
But I wish that if someday we could get these type of pre-made behaviors in Bolt then our life will be so easy in unity.
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Hi How to Learn!

As I answered in your other thread, Macros can be used as "presets" with varying inputs. In Bolt 2 (in development), Classes will do an even better job for this.

Regarding conditions, it's harder to make some library that works for every kind of game Unity can make. Sure, for just platformers, it would be easy, but those graphs wouldn't work the same way for first person games, point & clicks, etc. This is why we don't attempt to provide a "standard library" of graphs. One thing we'd like to explore in the future is users easily sharing graph libraries online, but this isn't there yet.

i am not saying about the same way which i showed. But saying about something that will reduce our graph work. 

instead of doing (in Official Platform Tutorial ) : get horizontal, then multiplying speed, then adding velocity etc. and then we are able to move left and right instead of all these things can we make 1 thing which can do this directly.


I need 1 advise, I am new in Bolt and also in Unity so i want to ask that from where i should start learning ? If i choose bolt (i have watched official tutorial of Platform), When we do right click there so there are so many things. where i can find their details about what they are, what they do, 

for example i choose Rigidbody 

when i choose RigidBody 2D then are are many thing under rigidbody 2d, there are so many add force, so many torque, cast etc ,  why there are same name repeatedly?  can you give me link to find details about those? i tried to find them in unity website but their they only said about rigidbody but i never found rigidbody sub components.

one thing more Why i didn't get any notification about your comment , here in this website and in my gmail account? 

The best place to start learning Bolt is the learning hub: http://ludiq.io/bolt/learn

As you noticed, Bolt has access to everything in Unity, so there's a lot of options to choose from. I recommend following some basic Unity tutorials (not necessarily Bolt related) to get a feel of what each component is and what they can do. The documentation for built-in Unity components is the Unity documentation itself, for example here for Rigidbody: https://docs.unity3d.com/ScriptReference/Rigidbody.html

As I said, we are looking into ways for people to share their graphs as reusable packages, but it's not simple!