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Unit Creation Keyboard Shorcuts mechanism needs improvement

vishal 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 5

I just completed first Tutorial.

All went well but theirs is really room for Unit creation through finder

Right now it is really time consuming (& boring ) for user to get to right spot.

As a lazy programmer the way I want it work like this,

e.g. Say I want to set velocity for rigidbody2D (&  also I prefer Programmer naming instead of human naming , because it would help me keep my memory fresh about paths if I switch to C#)

I open finder

type Rigid 

Now it shows up the appropriate menu correctly

Now I try to go "Rigidbody2D" menu by using down arrow key once.

It does work and  select.

But sadly it doesn't change the same in Search Menu.

I want Search menu changed accordingly as I select Main units using keyboard down/up arrow

In current case when I select Rigidbody2D using down arrow it should Fill the search bar with Rigidbody2D automatically  

And Secondly the moment I press right arrow key for further sub menu, It should make Rigidbody2D in search bar as fixed term and now I should be allowed to search further in that submenu only by typing "Velocity" . This should not delete Rigidbody2D in the search bar. Instead it should append velocity term to that.

This is most natural/intuitive/fast way to search for and create correct units.

If you can implement this it would make tremendous impact in speed as well as motivation to create many flows and try out many many new things quickly.

Hope I conveyed my request correctly,



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Ultimate target for unity creation feature should be ... It becomes keyboard only job. Not only creating but even joining units should be a possible through keyboard only which presently looks very very difficult to achieve. But through some nifty keyboard navigation this should become a pleasing and motivating reality.

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Hi Vishal,

Interesting idea, but it would need some more design work still. For example, after the text changes in the search bar:

  • How do you move the cursor to the end to append more with just the keyboard? Right-arrow is mapped to node entry right now
  • If you keep typing afterwards, does it do another global search or search only in that category?

Note that in-category search is something that's been requested and is planned in the future.

See Above Image ... I have just typed rig and  have got the Rigidbody2D option 

I select it with down arrow key and hit enter.

And not the problem starts. 

How can I go from this point to selecting Rigidbody2D.velocity (set) option.

Only way I know is to Lift my right hand from keyboard get the dreaded mouse scroll down and READ carefully and find the velocity (set) option and click and get my Job done.

Using mouse after keyboard totally burns the spirit of search and create unit fast. 

It doesn't give you the feeling that units are at your finger tips.

Now see the image below how google responds,

I have just typed two words and I am so close to what I want!!

This makes use so happy about the search engine.

2. way around I have found it just type "rig vel" and fuzzy finder takes you right place you want!...

But you need to know before hand the "keywords" and navigation.

for example If you search "rig forc" you would correctly to add force option.

But if you search "rigid impulse", then although it is there inside add force but you wont be able to find it in finder.

3. Interestingly google still does reach there. There navigation design is simple. Just go over the option presented below and hit space bar and now you can search further!! Elegant!!

Our fuzzy finder deserves to get inspired from this.

So just asking is it possible the google navigation design to implement in fuzzy finder?

Or is it some Hi-Fi AI stuff ?

Well, as you pointed out, Google does use AI to predict common search results. It has no idea that impulse is inside a Rigidbody 2D method in the Unity Engine, it just knows that people search for these keywords together often. I'm not going to implement an AI-markov-chain-ish shared search database for Bolt, that would be overkill.

The reason Impulse doesn't show up is because it's not anywhere inside the method name, it's an option value for one of the parameters (Mode). Including those in the search engine would really make the results show all kinds of unrelated options from anywhere. 

I'll keep on iterating on the search experience, but there is no easy solution for Bolt to simply guess exactly what you want.

I probably misled you. 

I am sorry.

Forget google AI.

I was asking about implementing googles search mechnism.

I mean you type a little

You get over the word you want suggested below using down arrow key

you then hit space bar to finallise selection

Now you can further do narrowed down search winth in that selected catagory.

I want you to focus on implementing this search mechanism in fuzzy finder, which should be easy one.

there is no AI stuff.

Only type - arrow key -- Space -- type further --- Arrown key and space or enter to finalise and get the unit on graph.

This is what I wish you implement right now.

This will boost Search Speed and Pleasure tremendously for sure.