Unit Descriptions Missing

Sandberg 3 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 2 years ago 2

I've been having a problem where at some point during my project, the unit descriptions in the fuzzy finder and graph inspector seem to just disappear. All that's left is the more generic i/o information. Sometimes they come back, but I can't figure out what triggers it and it's rare that they ever do.

I assumed that it was a problem with my install since I'd been getting prompts about the dictionary and variables assets failing to load, but nobody else mentioned having similar problems with that issue. Nevertheless I made a backup, deleted its Bolt install, and re-imported the package. No dice, same deal.

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Working on Fix

Confirmed, I've had this happen to me seemingly randomly too, but I really can't figure out the cause.

If you ever find the underlying logic, please let me know, it's probably a very simple fix.

It seems like a regression that was introduced somewhere in the v.1.4.x cycle.


So I haven't been able to ever find the cause of the bug in 1.4, but it seems like the massive refactor to the XML documentation system in Bolt 2 fixed it reliably.