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Level Change issue

Rockzone Studios 3 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 3 years ago 4

Hey Bolt,

so I followed your tutorial step by step for setting up level change but I got stuck because whenever my player entered collision, it did not switch to "Level2". I provided you with a photo, maybe I am doing something wrong. 

*I use unity 2018.1

Thank you,


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did you add level 2 to the build settings?

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Hi David!

Few things to check:

  • Do you get any error or warning in the console?
  • Are you sure that event gets fired? (It should glow blue on collision)
  • If it doesn't get fired, are you sure you have a non-trigger collider on the object? (If it's a trigger, you should use On Trigger Enter instead)
  • If it does get fired, does the flow pass through the branch node? You should see the connection between Compare Tag and Branch show either "True" or "False". If it's false, it means your player object doesn't have the right tag.

Let me know when you checked these things! No other user reported this issue with the tutorial, so I doubt it is a bug at this stage.