Platformed Tutorial Chapter 4 Level Change Not working as expected

vishal 3 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 3 years ago 3

I am trying to complete bolt Plat former Tutorial.

All is goon well till Chapter 4 guideline -- "Level Change"

Author says set "Object Variable" of "Objective" Prefab to be named Scene = Next Level

for example

In level 1 --> set it manually to 2

In level 2 --> set it manually to 3

this way in each level we expect upon colliding with objective(flag) we will get next Level Loaded automatically.

the problem here is since it is a prefab it remains the same for all Levels.

No matter how to try to open each scene and try to change it, it gets the same Level number in all the scenes.

It remeber the last value you assigned in any scene and assigns that in all other scene,

So I feel either this approach of Level change is wrong or I am missing something.

Please correct me if I am wrong.

Please guide how to auto Load next level the Proper way.



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Hi Vishal!

Make sure you don't apply the prefab after changing the value on an instance, otherwise it will propagate to other prefab instances!

If you don't apply already, it might be a bug that prefab modifications are not saved. Can you tell me your Bolt and Unity version?

Thanks for your response Lazlo.

Yes Lazlo made that mistake off Applying Prefab :(

Anyways Now I tried another way keeping the prefab.

I  simply created a Scene variable named Scene and adjusted value just like object prefab.

This works fine,.. Only Last Scene Objective Collision needs to be ignored/redirected to Win/Replay Game options.

My Unity Version 2018.2.11f1 (Personal)

Bolt Version -- 1.4.0f8


Also waiting for that C# script generation version. hope it arrives soon.

It will help us understand C# language programming in better way.

Thanks n regards,



Glad you got it resolved Vishal! :) We're working hard on script generation, stay tuned!