Text graph represantation into visual nodes

c0ffeeartc 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 0

Hello, I've read in other threads that converting from C# into visual nodes is not going to happen.

What about textual representation of graph? Providing it and hitting button would recreate flow's visual nodes.

Syntax could be similar to this:

// CompatibilityVersion = 1.99
Events.Lifecycle.Start( out flow1 );
Variables.Graph.SetVariable( flow1, System.String, hello1, “Hello “ );
Control.ForLoop( flow1, 0, 10, out exitFlow, out bodyFlow, out index );
Math.Generic.Add( bodyFlow, hello1, index, out resultStr );
Codebase.UnityEngine.Debug.Log( bodyFlow, resultStr );
Codebase.UnityEngine.Debug.Log( exitFlow, “END” );

Here functions are nodes arranged by the "Add Unit..." nodes tree. Text scripts would be tied to specific bolt version, removing need to maintain compatibility, and their only purpose is to recreate visual graph.

Main benefit would be live editing scripting with keyboard and text, no wait or mouse required

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