Wrangle Nodes

gyltefors 3 years ago 0

Houdini is in my opinion the most polished node based tool on the market. And what makes it really powerful are the wrangle nodes. The are basically nodes containing code snippets for doing anything not supported by the standard nodes. In Bolt, the same thing could be achieved by making a custom C-Sharp utility class, with one method per snippet. This is great for making reusable utilities, but for one-time things, the utility class will soon end up cluttered, and has to be managed (which code piece are used by what Bolt graph, and is it safe to delete it, etc.). A wrangle node would take care of managing the code for you, so you don't need to switch to a linear "programmer" mindset, but can remain creative. The node would allow you to open a built-in editor, something like Script Inspector 3.

Hint: There are lots of ideas that can be borrowed from Houdini: auto connect nodes, collapse into subnets, or expand back, super fast workflow using keyboard shortcuts (would be great to be able to assign the same to Bolt, for those of us who switch back and forth between Houdini and Bolt graphs)...

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