special characters like newline?

Vong 3 years ago updated by Nathan Haskins 3 years ago 3

(Did find a workaround for this, but still curious)

How to use special characters for methods like string.split, specifically newline characters in my case.
Reading a .csv textAsset and couldn't figure out a way to parse the newlines in Bolt.

That said, is there no List<Char> in Bolt? Only noticed because one of the string.split methods asked for char[] and List<Char> didn't show up in the fuzzy finder.

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Hi AiSard - what was the work around? I'm wondering, as I have this issue now.


Ended up coding a macro in Excel to put a # symbol at the end of every row and used that to string.split instead, mostly because I didn't want to manually type the #.. :/ not the most elegant of solutions but it worked for me at the time.

Found the workflow to be rather awkward though, so played around with Quicksheet which can read .xls, but its been months since then.


Thanks for sharing your approach AiSard. Hey, that gets it done!

I was able to dig up another solution to doing new line breaks you might like:

It's possible to use the 'new character' option in Bolt if 'System' is added to the list of Assemblies, and 'Environments' is added to list of Types in the Bolt configuration. After adding those two changes, a 'new line' item appear in the Bolt search options: From there, send the New Line into a 'To Char Array', then connect it to the separator of a 'String Split'.

Here's a new line parser:

GIF showing where to add things: