Making Flappy Bird with Bolt trial run

Cocell 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 4

Here’s a video of me making flappy birds with bolt. It’s not in-depth. More of a trial run before doing an actual tutorial. You can get some tips from this video such as UI button and text, Getting a reference to objects, Spawn Pooling, Array list, 2D Animation and trigger animation plus more with Bolt. 

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hi friend, thanks for this, did it relay take 3hrs to make?!?!

is Bolt meant to speed things up?, what was your overall impression?, thanks again for the effort you put in and for sharing the video!!

Hi, I watched the Unity videos the day before and tried making it in memory. I also added other things took breaks and fooled around with the game. With full instructions and right to the point, it could have taken a lot less. Bolt really sped things up in my experience and will continue to make games with it. 

Very impressive, cant wait to see actual tutorial and more from you!!, thanks again


Flappy Bird Game Project file. Feel free to download