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Graph port change doesn't redefine super unit

mensch.mueller 3 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 3 years ago 8

Wanted to create Super Unit like https://support.ludiq.io/knowledge-bases/4/articles/154-super-units, but clicking in empty space gives me only the option: Add Unit & Maximize! I´m on Mac.

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Also had a lot of problems with Macro created outside and dragged to graph(which is now a Super Unit)! Creating Inputs does´t reflect in the object(only one input is showing), creating more inputs isn´t reflected on the now Super Unit). See on the screenshot: Right one, is the one i´ve edited to have 2 inputs, Left one is the saved one dragged in from my Macros folder, but they are the same looking inside.

Forgot it: Bolt 1.4.0f3, Unity 2017.4.3f1, OSX 10.9.5

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Hi Mensch!

First, click Add Unit. Then, go to Nesting > Super Unit.

This maximize option will be removed in the next hotfix so that Bolt jumps directly to the fuzzy finder, but you can force that behaviour in the mean time by enabling Skip Context Menu in the preferences:

I can't reproduce the issue of missing inputs after adding them. Can you show me the setup of your inputs in the graph? Are they literally referencing the same macro file?

I basically created a new Macro which is saved to my macros. Dragged into another graph(which then becomes a SuperUnit) i wanted to create 2 inputs. But only the first one is showing for me! But the same macro dragged into the same graph from my Macros-folder does show the 2 created inputs(which the other one does´t update!)! 

Second picture is the inside of the two Super Units(same), in first picture on right Super Unit i wanted to create 2 inputs, but only first one shows up. But it is only updated when i drag it out of folder hierarchy(left one) !

And thanks for your reply! Was a while ago that I created a Super Unit....

I see, the redefine event doesn't seem to trigger. Which version of Bolt are you using?

Bolt 1.4.0f3, Unity 2017.4.3f1, OSX 10.9.5

Cannot Reproduce

Hi Mensch,

I'm unable to reproduce the issue here in Bolt v.1.4.0f6. Here are the exact steps I do. Please let me know if those trigger the error for you:

  1. Create a new flow macro
  2. Create a new empty scene
  3. Add an empty object with embed flow machine to that new scene
  4. Drag the macro to the embed graph; it has no ports
  5. Select the macro in the assets folder
  6. Add a control input called "test"
  7. Select the game object with the embed graph again; the super unit has a test port

Note that if, in step 5, I double-click the super unit instead of selecting the macro as a root, the same thing happens: the redefine event seems to fire fine. 

If you can reproduce it in 1.4.0f6, please provide clear, exact steps!