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Dear all

I have tried so many times on installing the Bolt on my PC. None of them succeeds. (Failed on every time at
"Generate Documentation",bd4b5724-b963-46f0-b3c3-3f51aee2243d.txt, "Generate Inspector" (Sometime works, sometime didn't work) and "Type options generate" (Stayed on this page, even I have pressed a lot of time on the Generate button. As a result, the setup process has never enter the step of "Finish".

Honestly, I have tried Playmaker before, it does not work for a complete project. It built for rapid prototyping. Nevertheless, Bolt seemed a nice solution to me. So please help.

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Hi Beely!

Sorry you're having trouble getting started. These are two actually minor issues happening in the setup wizard, but because they're the first thing that happen, they can be very confusing for newcomers. I'll be fixing them in the very next version (v.1.4.1, which is under development).

Good news though: there's an easy workaround! 

  1. Just hit Next for the documentation; it's not actually required for Bolt to work, it's just an extra. Or, if you want to fix it, you can download .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1, as the log indicates it's what's missing.
  2. For the inspectors, hit Skip instead of generating. This should avoid a Unity bug with assembly reload and let you generate the types properly.
  3. As a last resort, if ever you still can't generate the types, try closing the wizard, then using Tools > Bolt > Build Unit Options.

Let me know if this helps! I hope we can get you started ASAP. :)

Hi Lazio

Thank you for the prompt reply. As what you suggested, I skipped the inspectors process (actually, I tried one more time to install it.... result : failed). Rest of steps were successfully done. I can start to use Bolt now. Many thx.

Besides, I have a little bit confusion on the function different between Flow Machine and State Machine. I think I should open a new post for that instead of mess up the post structure of the Community. 

Hi Beely!

Glad you got it working. :) I'll work on that inspector generation bug as I said.

Can I ask you to please update your review of the asset store? It makes a huge difference!

Re: flow vs. state machines, have a look atthis page in the manual.


And feel free to ask questions on Discord!  You can usually get a faster reply if you have simple questions, and Lazlo still graces us occasionally there.