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High CPU usage with Bolt 1.4

Neutron7 3 years ago updated by mensch.mueller 3 years ago 6

With Bolt 1.4, I am experiencing very high CPU usage (100%+) even when idling in a Bolt project.  Is this due to Live Editing feature?  Can I turn this off or anyone has any idea how to reduce this super high CPU usage?  I am getting 108 deg C on my iMac GPU.  I tested with another Unity project without Bolt, there is no high CPU usage issue.  Thanks.

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Hi Neutron7!

That shouldn't happen, especially not after the initial unit loading (shown at the bottom right corner of the editor in a progress bar).

If it persists, can you please open the Unity Profiler, check Profile Editor, and send a screenshot of the data you're getting?

Hi Lazlo, thanks for the reply.  Attached are the screenshots.  I am running Lesson #8 in your tutorial series and have been noticing CPU spikes since Bolt 1.4.  Hopefully you can help resolve this because Bolt is a nice tool so far.  On another note: do you think it is a great idea to just use FSMs from Bolt and for other parts use C#?  Thanks.

The screenshots were taken *not* in playmode, ie just in edit mode, thanks

Noticed the same behavior on my MacBook! When working with Unity/Bolt the charger has always to be connected!