I'm drowning!

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I'm new to Unity and to Bolt. I have Tried unity before but the the required skill level in programing made me go back to GMS2 and Construct 3. I was hoping that Bolt would make it a bit easier to get started with Unity but I feel like Bolt expects me to know every component in Unity before hand. Bolt does not seem to add an abstraction layer but rather swaps the coding syntax of C# to a system with boxes (nodes). I have watched the "official" tutorial series on youtube but it is very fast paced with nodes popping up with lillte or no explanation as to why that certain node was selected. So I'm asking if someone can give me any tips on how to start learning Unity/Bolt. Are there any other tutorials available?


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Hey MonDieu72, I promise you won't drown. But, if you want to use Unity you will have to learn, Bolt or otherwise. 

Bolt, like any other visual scripting tool is just a more visual way of programming, in this case, with C# as used by Unity's API. 

Do you have too know C# to use Bolt, no, but it will help to have a basic understanding of it to grasp what the nodes in Bolt do and are used for. 

You will find a written version of the platform tutorial on the forum here as well as many user made tutorials in that section. Other official tutorials are being made and links can be found here and on our Discord channel which I highly suggest joining. 

Another great way to learn as you go along is to take a few of the basic Unity tutorials and convert them to Bolt during or after. Great way to learn Unity, C#, and Bolt. 

Questions, ask away, here or on Discord. 

Hey MonDieu72, yes I know your feeling. I have bolt more than a year but still don't understand about some basic node. I was construct 2 user and if you want visual script like construct pick gameflow instead. But I hope I can work using bolt, it seems unlimited


Hi MonDieu72!

I'm sorry you're having trouble getting started. Bolt tries to make programming simpler by abstracting away most of the syntax and complicated setup, but the core logic remains that of scripting, as you noticed.

We are currently revamping our tutorials and learning experience. We're planning for more tutorials and example projects in the near future.

Last week, we published a new video tutorial with GameGrind on how to create a simple FPS controller: 

In the coming weeks, you can expect to see more simple controller tutorials and overall more learn content.

As always, the Discord community is very helpful if you have a specific goal in mind. Start by establishing that goal clearly, then people will be able to guide you in the right direction with some node choices.

Best of luck, you can do this!

I had a look at the video. It is still extremely fast with all kinds of nodes appearing referencing other nodes, objects, variables etc. 4 minutes in and I have no idea what is happening. I'll put in an image just to show what kind of programing I'm coming from:

As you can see the complexity gap from that to using Unity with Bolt is really large.

Hi again MonDieu! I see where you come from: basically something closer to Scratch from MIT, where code is laid out line by line, kind of like in actual textual code.

I encourage you to try understanding a graph syntax (arrows & boxes), because it's really similar. For example, the line:

KeyboardLeft arrow isDownPlayerSprite Set Mirrored

Actually translates to Bolt pretty directly as:

As you see, it's not any more complicated, just different!

If the graph syntax really doesn't suit you, contact us in private and we'll issue a refund. We don't want anybody getting stuck with a tool that doesn't work for them.