Ludiq Bolt is in the same namespace as Photon Bolt.

Luke Perkin 3 years ago updated by Ryan Green 8 months ago 3

Both Ludiq's Bolt and Photon's Bolt are under the namespace 'Bolt'. Amazingly there are no conflicts, but this is really bad... Any update from either company could break a project using both assets. I know there's a bit of a tragedy of the commons here, but you should really move the namespace to Ludiq.Bolt (and Photon should also move theirs to Photon.Bolt).

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Hi Luke!

I'm aware, but unfortunately I cannot change the namespace now without breaking the serialized graphs of every Bolt user. It would require a massive and risky serialized data migration for which there's no reason at the moment (because as you noted, there's no conflict). It is also possible to specify assembly aliases in case it happens in the future.

Please let me know if you encounter a specific conflict. 

Actually there is conflict now

IState exists in both namespaces

Hi, I'm having the same issue. can't compile due to IState conflict, and Unity compiler doesn't seem to respect extern alias in .rsp files.