Unable to add an animation event

SteampunkGuy 3 years ago updated by Priam Givord 2 years ago 4

I was creating an animation event but... I realized badly of this
Is it a bug or what?
I've now the latest Unity and the latest Bolt version, but there was the same problem... I dunno.

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Hi SteampunkGuy!

Can you make sure you have a game object with a flow or state machine component selected when you try adding the animation event? Unity cannot detect which methods are available if you do it on the animation asset itself.

Weapon owns the animator but not any flows or state machines, Eyes owns the flow machine that control the child (Weapon). The animation clips of Weapon control DBShotgun_PICKUP and their two childs too.


Answered on Discord!

I had to add an animation with an empty keyframe to get that to work, P