New Input System Integration

Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 4 years ago updated 2 years ago 5

Provide units that simplify Rewired integration. Rewired can currently be supported by adding its custom types to the type options in the Ludiq project settings, but it is cumbersome for inexperienced users.

Instead of integrating with Rewired, Bolt will integrate with the new Unity Input system as part of our effort to provide out-of-the-box engine solutions.

At current time, the status of the new input system is undetermined:

Input Team's plan was that the new Input System would be available as a preview release with support for a limited set of platforms and devices for Unity 2017.2. (Indeed, the GitHub repository we have internally can be used with Unity 2017.1 or 2017.2 already.) However, the Input Team were told in the summer that our team has been discontinued and a new Input Team will be formed instead under a different part of the organization. As part of this process, the people involved are taking a step back and reevaluating what to do, which means previously planned timelines no longer apply. We will try to update here when we have new information.

We will wait until the new input system is out and stable before integrating with Bolt.

There may or may not be a Rewired integration in the future, however if there is it will not ship built-in with Bolt. It may either be distributed as a separate package for the asset store, or as macro assets shared on the forum.

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I do integration with InControl Plugin and work fine! 

Thanks for this!! I can't wait to get back to learning Bolt. I'm currently learning c# so I can then use Bolt correctly.


I'm so happy to use Bolt because it's simplify my work. In fact, I don't need to know ( or remember ) each command or class in C# and best of all, I can "programmer" in runtime ( play mode ) and see changes in real time. Debug it's easy with this way. It's amazing. 

A little trick its to add Types of your plugins. For exemple, I integrate DOTween with their respectives shortcuts for transforms, etc. Piece of Cake!

After you learn this, the sky is the limit ... kkk

Hi pr.andersonvalerio. I'm also trying to use InControl with Bolt. Could you share any links/how-to to get me going?