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Flow machine in the child of a child of a child of a prefab not working when exporting to ios

Alessandro 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 4


The flow machine in the picture below works as expected in the editor (Note: the object is in scene view to show only, it usually is a prefab).

But when exported to ios that machine doesn't seem to ever trigger, so the prefab that should be created doesn't spawn.

What could be the cause?

I tried exporting a brand new build, all changes worked as expected but not this one.

Bolt: 1.40

Unity: 2017.4.0f1

Bolt Version:
Unity Version:
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Hi Alessandro,

Sorry you're having this issue. 

1. Did you run AOT Pre-Build (Tools > Bolt > AOT Pre-Build)?

2. Do you get any error or warning when running your game on iOS?

Hi Laslo,

1- Yes, I always run AOT pre-build before exporting for ios;

2- No runtime warnings on Xcode.

it seems like any logic attached to the object "rick collider" triggers correctly in the editor, not in the export.

I just made another text, made some changes to the build,  built aot stubs, exported, opened in xcode and run on ios, no runtime error but the above isn't triggered

I tried moving that "risk collider" logic to another object with less children and it seems to working, so maybe Unity/Bolt or Ios struggle with logic on multichildren object?