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transform get position bug

Darío Rodríguez Martínez 3 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 3 years ago 3

I was so calm in my project until I saved the scene and closed Unity and reopened the project and in my BOLT programming transform get position they put themselves automatically in self

and I ruin all my project programming

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Hi Dario,

I'm sorry you lost work when restarting Unity.

What you seem to be describing is scene objects being used in macro graphs. That is not supported, because macros are assets, and therefore they can't save anything within a scene.

Usually, Bolt should prevent you from doing that in the first place, but there was an issue that got fixed only in the most recent hotfix (v.1.4.0f4) that allowed you to have scene references if you dragged a game object from the hierarchy directly into the graph view. Is that something that you might have done?

The proper way of doing this is to create object variables that hold references to your scene objects, then using Get Object Variable in your graph instead of the direct reference.

Let me know if that helps you!

Thank you very much for your information. that has helped me!