Variables Network Syncing

Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 5 years ago updated 2 years ago 8

Provide a simple, ideally no-setup way of syncing variables over the Unity Network HLAPI.

This would probably take the form of an additional component you add to your object. 

There are many considerations to take into account, namely persistence, serialization order, payload size, type support, etc.

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is it possible to sync selected variables already? could you give an example?

Hi Kai! Welcome to the community.

Unfortunately, it is not yet possible. In my curent roadmap, networking integration should come in v.1.5.



When this version(v1.5) will come out?

Your asset is very good, but we want to create multiplayer game :D

if we are using other multiplayer assets will be able to interact with them like other 3rd party solutions? instead of waiting on your own version (i'm talking specifically about UMMO2 and generally about Ummorpg and others) Thxs

This could be interesting, and a time saver, if enabled as part of the Player Prefab that's used by UNET.

Hello, I just stopped by to say, I love Bolt but I just can't use it for more than mucking around without the networking integration. Do you already know, when (in terms of time) this feature will be added approximately? 


Version 1.10: Networking

  • Variable synchronization
  • Networked events
  • Variable changed events

Is when it should begin.