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Entire project deleted (scenes only) Bolt 1.4 .net 3.5 Unity 2018.2.1

Emperor Rukiri 3 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 3 years ago 3

I recently had a crash that deleted my entire project for the most part (scenes only)/

When the crash happened it was linking to bolt.core so it was related to bolt and not so much Unity.

I have not been able to replicate the issue, so it could have just been a 1 time thing but because it basically killed my project I'm not comfortable using bolt right now which resulted in requesting a refund.

I was not getting any critical errors regarding loading assemblies but they did pop up as warnings, and this is noted in another bug report.  

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Hi Emperor Rukiri, I'm so sorry you had an issue that resulted in lost work. I hope you had version control or a backup available!

It's hard for me to tell what could have happened without a stack trace or reproduction steps. 

What makes you say the issue is related to Bolt? Bolt does not modify or delete scene files or scripts under any circumstance, and that is the first report of the sort I hear of, so I'm tempted to think it might have to do with something else in your project.

What do you mean by "it was linking to Bolt.Core"? Were you building, compiling at this point?

I just saw bolt.core in the crash dialog box.

But as of right now would just prefer a refund.

As I said I'll be back using bolt at a later time and hopefully its stable with 2018. 

Cannot Reproduce

I see, please send us a private support ticket with your invoice number if you want to stop using Bolt and get a refund in the mean time. However, without more details about the issue, I can't attempt to isolate or reproduce it.