Make Sidebar Panels Collapsible

Valak 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 3

I'm using version 1.4.0, not sure if this is a design choice or a bug, but it defeats my purpose of having a full screen Flow Graph window on the second monitor. Steps to replicate:

1. Make Flow Graph to a floating window.

2. Manually maximize the window's width, no problem.

3. Whenever I increase the window's height over 2/3 of the screen's height, the Graph Inspector and Variables windows are displayed automatically.

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Not a Bug

Hi Valak!

This is a feature not a bug, but you can disable it from Tools > Ludiq > Configuration then increase the sidebar display threshold.


Changed this to a feature request & renamed, I agree it should be possible more easily.

Hi, I "fixed that bug" following your instruction. Thanks!

And yeah... a vote to have that option more visible.