Approximate String Matching

Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 4 years ago updated 2 years ago 19 6 duplicates

The fuzzy finder should use true approximate string matching instead of exact substring search. This could be integrated with the FuzzyString library:


This would also mean that you could include the type/class name when searching for a field/property/method.

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Please fix the searching, it's awful and very tedious to scroll through tons of options constantly.

For example:

I want Transform.rotation


"transform rotation" ? Nope

Oh... how convenient (and I'm lucky it's near the top) 


Hi Remixful, welcome to the community!

With approximate string matching, "transform.rotation" would indeed find the result you're looking for.

Ordering results that have the same relevance after is almost impossible, however. For example, how can Bolt know that Transform.rotation is more important than Random.rotation?

I understand that, I'm just saying that searching "rotation" isn't specific enough, and you'd have to scroll through tons of options if it wasn't on the top.

You could collect usage statistics and build a profile of the most important functions used. You could then include that in the decision making process. Just an idea.


Just emphasizing the importance of this feature here!


I really am looking forward to this improvement, the current fuzzyfinder is less than optimal :)

This improvement will be very useful!


It's called Approximate Strng Matching, which is why you might not have found a result. It is actually on the roadmap, set for 1.1.6. so only about 2 updates until we get that functionality. 


Great, thanks for the reply!

Dumb question...Is there a way to retract/close an 'idea' or is that up to the admin?


This is already on the roadmap actually. "Approximate String Matching". So you'll be able to type class.variable or method or search multiple words out of order and it'll find it. Whatever else that includes as well.

Great! I had a feeling this was a requested/known feature, yet due to not knowing what to call it exactly, couldn't find the feature request. Sorry for the dupe! 

We will forgive you this ONE time.

I would love to have this, as it is the reason I chose human naming over programming  (say you want MyClass.List or something.  With Human naming, I can type Get List and most likely get it right on.  With programming notation, I can't, and I get a bazillion results trying to search for List)

A quick note though, context search (what you term subsearch) is planned:

Originally slated for 1.4, Lazlo is hoping to squeeze it into the 1.2.X line.

Thanks for the reply!

I agree. It would be cool, if I search for screen, and click on it, I could type new and it would only search within screen and not start a new search.


Plus, i'd love to be able to search using the "."

Stuff like "GetY" on vector are translated to "y" on the programing style, but I can't find it using "vector2.y" or stuff like that.