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Why can't I get the Application Variables?

Mono 3 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 2 years ago 5

Bolt 1.3  It is ok.  but 1.4 it's not.....

Unity 2018.1.4f .

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Thanks,It help me a lot。

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Is this during play mode or edit mode (prediction)?

Can you look at the Application variables tab and see if Player exists and isn't null?

Do you get any error/warning message?

The screenshot was taken at play mode.

NO error/warning message.

Thanks for the report, will investigate tomorrow.

Not a Bug

Hi Mono!

I understand what's happening here.

On Trigger Enter (like all events) start listening in On Enable, which happens before Start.

Therefore, at this moment, your Player variable doesn't exist yet.

I thought of suggesting to change Start to On Enable here, but unfortunately that won't work either, because events start listening before the On Enable event itself is triggered.

One way of fixing your problem would be to specify a fallback for the variable in that case:

Note that this assumes the Player variable isn't defined to fallback. If it is predefined but null, you'll want to use a null coalesce instead:

But to be specific here: On Trigger Enter listens on Self by default, so all of this is unnecessary!

You can just have the node without any input: