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[Minor] [QoL] "Group" text edit under macOS doesn't respect CMD+Left or CMD+Right

Arron Washington 3 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 3 years ago 4

When you CMD+Drag to create a new "Group" and edit that group's name, you cannot use CMD+LEFT ARROW or CMD+RIGHT ARROW to navigate the text input. EG you cannot use SHIFT+CMD+LEFT, which highlights all text to the left of the cursor and is a quick way to delete the group name and start over.

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Hi Arron! Thanks for the report.

Are you sure other input fields respect it on OSX? I can get it to work on Windows here.

Does it also happen if you change your control scheme in Tools > Ludiq > Configuration... > Graphs?

> Are you sure other input fields respect it on OSX?

Yep. Unity's built-in text fields respect it, etc.

Note that I'm talking about when you're editing the group name _inside of the graph editor_ and not when editing the group name in the graph inspector, which works fine since its a "normal" text field.

Basically you have to listen for (KeyCode.LeftCommand || KeyCode.RightCommand) + UP/DOWN for page up or page down behavior on macOS, and (KeyCode.LeftCommand || KeyCode.RightCommand) + LEFT/RIGHT for home or end behavior behavior on macOS.

Pressing the home / end / pgup / pgdwn keys on macOS don't generate the same keyboard events as CMD + (some arrow button), so you have to handle macOS explicitly.

Cannot Fix

I've looked into it, but unfortunately I have no idea what might be causing this behaviour and I'm not able to fix it. Sorry about that!