Generating Unit options while "Pre Warm" is working freeze the process for some time

Necka 4 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 4 years ago 2
When having a large amount of assets the Pre-Warm (bottom right) takes quite long. Which isn't a big deal.

If when it's working you try to generate Unit Options, the Generate button will freeze as cliked and nothing happens before a minute or so. Then the generation works.

No error, not a real big problem but worth checking maybe by having a force stop on the Pre-Warm to start generation?

If this get removed in 1.4.1 you can of course close the issue straight away

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Working on Fix

Working on fix today.

In the mean time, you can safely disable Prewarm Search.


The underlying issue here is that the unit database cannot be read and written to at the same time, so you're seeing a lock while the loading occurs. And because prewarm is slow, it's a long lock.

This will be fixed in the hotfix I'm pushing today as prewarm will be removed while keeping all its speed benefits, without the additional load time (woot!).