"Active graphs in scene" feature

Arron Washington 3 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 2 years ago 3

My last Unity project was 100% C#. Since 1.4 beta has been available, I've been leveraging Bolt's "live coding" feature to quickly iterate and design. So far it's been a blast; most of my codebase is Bolt instead of C#.

One difficulty I'm having with a mostly Bolt "codebase" is that it's hard to quickly tracking down the all the Flow Machine and State Machine graphs in the scene. I'm specifically referring to the graphs. You can use the Unity search to find the Flow Machine and State Machine components on game objects, but I'm really interested in the graphs themselves.

This UX problem doesn't exist in C# since every monobehavior is its own concrete type, so the built-in Unity search works fine for this purpose.

I'd love for some kind of list of active graphs in the scene available somewhere.

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Hi Arron!

So happy to hear live editing is changing the way you approach code & design :)

That's a very good idea, and I'll schedule it for part of the Analysis & Refactoring Update, currently planned at v.1.8 on the roadmap. Basically, my approach for something like this would be a "graph hierarchy" window, similar to the Unity game object hierarchy, that can be searched/filtered through.

on kind of the same topic, being able to reverse search would be a great feature too.

like, right clicking an asset (like a macro) and finding out where it is used in the hierarchy (and if we are going overboard, maybe even in the project)