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Furion Mashiou 3 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 3 years ago 6

I am editing a flow graph from project window and do some changes, sourcetree does not detect any graph change at this moment. I have to save current unity scene to see that file (xxxx.asset) in sourcetree. Is that an expected behavior?

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That would be an issue, maybe Unity isn't properly marking the asset as dirty for some reason.

To be clear, you're editing a macro asset, then hitting Ctrl+S, and SourceTree does not detect changes?

Which Bolt version are you using?

To be clear, you're editing a macro asset (YES), then hitting Ctrl+S, and SourceTree does not detect changes?

->I have to manually hit Ctrl+S to see the changes. (new finding: Close Unity can also make the changes being tracked)

Bolt Version: 1.3.0

Unity Version: 2018.1.0f2

I think it's the same problems, when editing prefabs. Sometimes source tree doesn't recognize the changes until you hit "save project". 

Is this still an issue with the latest Bolt v.1.4.0?


I think this would be expected behavior, no?  I don't know how asset files are saved Lazlo but because things are "precompiled" so that it can "live edit" wouldn't it make sense that the asset files aren't "modified" until the scene is saved?  Idk this is a bit more "behind the scenes" but it seems to make sense to me that saving the scene is necessary to see macro changed.

It may not make the most sense from workflows that you are used to but in the Bolt world it sort of makes sense.  I was able to reproduce this behavior in 1.4.0

1. Change Macro

2. Check Source (no changes)

3. Save Scene

4. Check Source (changes pending)

I also have AutoSaver in my unity projects so I don't usually see this behavior as my scene is saved every 2 minutes, or when a prefab changes, or when I go into "playmode"

Not a Bug

Oops, I did reread the question, and that doesn't seem like an issue at all indeed. Changes are made in-memory until you hit Ctrl+S. Thanks for the heads up!