References in prefabs

mikenspired 3 years ago 0

I make object "A" and add a flowmachine.

On Object "A" I make chilren with C# scripts.

On Object "A"'s flowmachine I have references to those children by dragging the child with the script onto the graph, and calling a function on it.

I then save the entire object as a Prefab. Everything works.

Later I try to edit the prefab and it Greyed out and says I have to "Edit Prefab Graph" which I Click

I add a new child to Object "A" with a Script. Try and drag that script into the flowmachine, and its impossible because its a prefab. I seem to have to duplicate the entire object, drag the script, and then resave it as the new prefab.

Is this the intended workflow? I feel as if its not.
We try and keep as many things as prefabs as possible to avoid scene conflicts when merging.

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