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Cocell 4 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 2 years ago 8 1 duplicate

Are you able to add an export graph to png option like uScript?

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That's an idea I toyed with, but I haven't really found an easy way to do that.

Are you aware whether any other similar asset allows for this?

No, I was thinking of the web browser functionality and how it would be useful here. I don't know enough about the inner gubbins of the editor to know how (or if) it might be implemented. is there a particular component or reference I can search for to look into it a bit? What is the container for the graph?

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Apparently it's possible! I'll see what I can do for this. Would love for an easy sharing feature, e.g. export graph to HD PNG, upload to imgur, and copy the URL in the clipboard.

That would be awesome.

Heyhey, I just want to express my interest, also. And to extend it a little: Maybe pdf output for the whole state machine with reference to sub-flow graph/state machines which are on different pages. OR maybe a big big plot of the statemachine with plotted sub-flow graphs/state machine directly inside. So you end up with just a big poster of your whole application:D that would be nice. "Look at the application, i created today darling" - "It looks like a octopus. I don't like it. *continues scrolling through instagram*" 


Just a heads up, this is already available in Bolt 2 Alpha 3:


A cool way of bringing it one step further would be to include the graph data in the PNG itself, so that you can import the graph directly into Bolt by dragging and dropping a PNG. PICO does this and it's just magical.

Thanks for the suggestion! We have done something similar. We have what's called "clips", which are snippets of text you can copy/paste easily, no file needed (see the example in the changelog). I could look into embedding that data in the PNG file in the future, but for now it won't be a priority.