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Novic 3 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 3 years ago 10

So I posted a request to the Help Desk about five days ago now and haven't seen any movement on it at all. It makes me worry that I may have done something incorrectly and no one has seen it.

Normally I would give it at least a little more time, I understand it's a very small operation here, but the nature of my request is more than likely time-sensitive and I just want to make sure that it's not floating out there where no one will ever see it.

The way I posted was through the notifications on my profile, private ticket, the invoice number was requested and included.

Is this just a matter of sitting tight or is there some other action I should take?

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Hello Novic, not sure of the nature of your issue. Unless it was private. 

Is it a technical issue or  question? If so is it posted in questions or bug section. Can you post the link. 

Lazlo is the dev and a 1 man team. There is no Help desk per say and he is usually off on weekends and will address forum posts during weekdays. 

Feel free to post here or ask for help on Discord as well and one of the members may be able to help. 

If it's a private matter then PM'ing Lazlo here is your best bet. 

PMing Lazlo is probably the best course of action for me. It's actually what I thought I had done, though it seems that may not be the case. Can you tell me how to do that? 

My original message was sent by going to my User Profile > Private messages > New Ticket.

The only other way I see is where it says "Or leave us a private message...(billing and non-technical inquiries only)" just below the Search Topics/New Topic bar. But that appears to be the same method.

Or leave us a private message...(billing and non-technical inquiries only wold be what you are looking for. Perhaps you used help desk for the platform he uses for this forum. 2 different things. 

Thanks, I'll give that a try.

Yeah, it looks like that went to the same place, so I must have done it right the first time. Any idea how long it takes for him to respond? At this point it's been five days since my original message was sent.

What it comes down to is this: I'm looking for a refund. Not because I have a problem with Bolt, in fact I love it and would happily recommend it to anyone who seems even remotely interested, but my circumstances have changed and I will no longer be able to use it.

My original request was made just one week after I purchased it, but there's usually a time-limit on these things (I don't know what the policy here is, I've heard two weeks but I don't know if that's official) and I literally can't afford for that time to run out on me. I really don't mind waiting so long as I know that time isn't going to be an issue.

Thanks again for your help.

Well sorry to hear about whatever has changed that will not allow you to use Bolt anymore and I'm sure Lazlo will appreciate the kind words. 

Lazlo has the final say on refunds and I do not believe a time limit is applicable if he approves it but he will clarify, you may be thinking of one imposed by the assest store itself. 

I'm not sure why he may not have responded yet if he received your pm but he was away for a few days last week so that may be why. 

I pm'ed him on Discord on your behalf so he should respond by Monday if not sooner. 

Thanks so much for all your help, I really appreciate it. Makes me respect this community even more than I already did.

FYI, it seems your 1st Pm method is also a valid way to do it, simply one I have never used myself.


Hey Novic! Sorry for the late reply. Support hours are Mon-Thur 10-6, and I might have missed your ticket last week. I answered it now!