Can we get a demonstration graph of using Assetbundles?

MWMDragon 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 1

I'm trying to load a sprite from the resources folder but I read that it no longer works like that and I need to start using assetbundles. I've generated the assetbundles but I can't seem to get anything loading from them and figured I'd ask here.

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I answered my own question.. so I hope this helps someone. I'm enabling a UI panel called Dimmer and Swapping out the image which is stored as LargeCardImage. it loads from the Applications path and then the path under the assets.... loads the Sprite with the same name as the card clicked and then unloads the assetpack for the next loading of assets.

** I chose not to use this and rather store my cards and card images in a list and then just pull them as needed.. I'll put an image of that as well.

Here is how I used the list to store these listed objects in an App wide Variable List.