UnitEase: Unity Bolt Easing

Rakka Rage 3 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 3 years ago 4


I ported some easing code to bolt.
The point of this is to act as a simple animation system replacing lerp with many different variations that can add a a spring or bounce or other variety to your transforms.

Would appreciate any feedback.
Works ok, with a few issues.

  - Slow with lots (36, want double that (ease color too)) of states?
  - Redundant flows because no flow/state specific variables?

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simplified and updated to work with 1.4 alpha 4


Hello Rakka

Thank you for your this very valuable tricks. I downloaded and was able to run it on Unity version 2018.2.14f, Bolt, 1.4.0f11. I only one issue on main demonstration where all movements are shown, attached screenshot, the issue is this, Panel has no FlowMachine script, or something is wrong which I don't know, can you please to solve this problem?


thanks for checking this out

I have not messed around with it for a while but

i made two interfaces for UnitEase,

  • - GameObject
    • add graphs or machine to gameObject and set parameters
    • no way to pass in parameters to specific gameObjects
    • because I want a move gameObject and a fade gameObject at same time on same object and both read same parameters this cannot work
    • i got it working once by using different named parameters or something 
    • i think bolt has plans to add this feature later or maybe already has
    • but none of this matters cuz you can use it as i do in the intro scene ignoring all that gameObject nonsense and just use the bolt
  • - Bolt
    • drag a UnitEase3 or 4 to your update graph and pass in params like Lerp and use em
    • the intro scene uses this method instead to bounce the scale rotation and color of an image (see included image)
    • i was just trying to make the other way work because porting and sometimes easier to work with gameObjects 

I just tried the latest versions and intro still kinda works but loops and get error.

NotSupportedException: Stop may only be called on coroutines.

will try to get it working again asap sorry

TLDR: some experimental code does not work but basic api line in Intro.scene might work

original project this was based on:  https://github.com/rakkarage/Ease

Hi Rakka, the "Stop may only..." error is something we're working on fixing in the next hotfix, thanks for your patience. :) And indeed, tweening (easing) is well on its way for Bolt 2, and should make it into Alpha 3. :)