Tutorial request: simple 3D game

Andrei 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 2

Hey there! I wanted to ask for a simple 3d tutorial as I have gotten stuck at what seems like pretty basic stuff like rotating an object or basically anything other than moving a box around...

I'm new to Unity, but I have been toying with game development using a visual scripting game that can make 2D games and now I want to try to make some 3D games. 

I'd like to make a racing game, but if it's as difficult as what examples I've seen using C# then maybe not... Whatever you have in mind :) 

Thank you! 

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Not exactly what you asked but I can suggest something that's working really well for me.

Find a course on Udemy and follow it step by step using Bolt. All courses explain how to develop the game in C+, but the concepts carry over quite easily. As Bolt contains all the api from Unity you don't need to learn how to rotate an object in Bolt, once you understand how to rotate an object in Unity, you will be able to do the same in Bolt.


Thanks for the suggestion, I'll find a course I like and see how it goes!