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Missing Monobehaviour in FuzzyFinder

Ryan DowlingSoka 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 4

I have a monobehaviour that won't show up in the fuzzy finder. It has only one public property, but I would have thought it should still be accessible in Bolt?  I've updated the Unit Options, Rebuilt the Unit Options, and restarted the editor to no avail.

I have also renamed the class, renamed the file, deleted and recreated the file (so that the metadata would change).

I have changed the namespace aswell.

My class is extremely simple:

Maybe I'm missing something obvious?

ActionBase is a custom non-monobehaviour class that I added to the Unit options, and does show up/work perfectly.
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Your class itself isn't public. Done that a million times.

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That would be the culprit! (Thankfully you noticed it, I would have missed it and tried to debug this for way too long).

Oh god, thank you. :P