Access to EasyRoads3d API

Bilal Yucel 4 years ago updated by Reality.Stop() 4 years ago 1

Hello, i draw road network over a terrain with EasyRoads3D. I want to move a character just left side of road, center of road and right side of road. Character should follow road only as like infinite runner games. I asked asset developer and he suggested me using EasyRoads3D API to define position in road. I found this from their manual. 

public Vector3[] GetSplinePointsCenter()

Returns pre-sampled positions at the center of the road


public Vector3[] GetSplinePointsRightSide()

Returns pre-sampled positions at the right side of the road


public Vector3[] GetSplinePointsLeftSide()

Returns pre-sampled positions at the left side of the road

Can i use Bolt to acces EasyRoads3D API and control player to just move inside road, only left side, right side and center of road.

Thanks for support

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Sure!  If the asset is a dll-based asset, add the dll to the assemblies in Tools->Bolt->Unit option wizard.

Then, regardless, add the classes that you want Bolt to build units for to the Types page of that same wizard. Once Bolt has regenerated the unit list, those should be available for use!