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Branch with more than one Condition

Poinball 3 years ago updated by Reality.Stop() 3 years ago 7

Make a Branch node that can support more than one condition instead of duplicate it and pass it again

sometimes it take me 4 branch node ..

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You can use the Boolean logic operators to do this.

For example: OR
Instead of:


The other option is AND

Instead of:


I would like AND and ORs to have unlimited inputs, but that is because I'm a bit lazy. :)
You should be able to do all sorts of branch work with just AND or OR. But there is a whole set of great logic operators under the logic category in the fuzzy finder.

Under Review

That's the proper way to do it indeed. Unless there's something I'm missing?

I didnt know that the ''And'' node exist. Thanks ! Its a good start :D


These are planned for Soon(tm) in the Community project.  I just have to do some digging to find out how Lazlo supports variable args in units.  The plan is And, Or, and the Math nodes will get the "multiple inputs" treatment.  If Lazlo adds them later on, we'll just deprecate the ones in the community project.

Not sure I understand, which ports would these nodes have? 

Variable arg counts for those nodes, so you can And 4 things together, for instance.

Instead of this (ignore the literals, I just put them there to make the errors go away):

you have one And node that can take a variable number of arguments.  Sure, we still need to be able to composite conditions together, but there are times where you want to And multiple things together without stacking conditionals.

It's not a big change, just one of those quality of life things I'm trying to shove in the Addons.

The need was to have for exemple some node that support multiple condition. 
The Branch is the most used in this case.

To have something like that in One node :

if ( Condition1 and Confition2 and Condition3 and Condition4 )

Be able to set the number of condition in the option tab could be really usefull too.