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Create instance of the object by drag'n'drop in the graph

aolko 4 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 4 years ago 5

Let gameobject, or any other object in the hierarchy be able to make a new instant of itself in the graph when dropped

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This was the case before 1.3, and this is related to this issue:

A regression that is being fixed for 1.4 according to Lazlo.

Under Review

Well the game object option is missing, but what are you suggesting exactly?

  • A Game Object Literal unit with the game object already filled in?
  • Or a Game Object Instantiate unit with the game object as a template (would only work for prefabs)?

I'd suggest looking at uscript for this one, but afaik, it's option 1

Blueprints in UE4 do your first options, a simple reference to the object in the scene. They also have a right-click 'add reference to <selected object>' context option in the level script.

With this in mind, Only LevelScripts allow you to do this with scene objects. This is because UE4 has no way of guaranteeing that object will exist, or a way to find it. Does Bolt handle this type of behavior with Macros? How does Bolt handle linking to that scene object across scenes?


I believe what is called "Level scripts" in Blueprints would be the equivalent of "Embed Graphs" in Bolt. They live on a game object within a scene, and therefore can refer to scene objects.

Macros can access scene objects, but only through variables. 

So this feature would only work on embed graphs, which are less often used than macros, but I can include it regardless.