Graph view resets when recompiling scripts.

Ryan DowlingSoka 4 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 4 years ago 5

Whenever I change something in my C# code the state graph view resets to the uppermost layer. Since I'm often making changes as I am working inside a flow graph in my state machine this is pretty inconvenient.

I have a tendency to work deep, with nested graphs/ and super states so I am undoubtedly making it worse. Stil - it would be great to have this fixed at some point down the road.

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Great! Quick response. And the answer I wanted to hear. :)

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You're in luck. That is supposed to be a benefit of the new version, real graph lock persistance, with multi windows too.

Working on Fix

Yep, will be fixed in v.1.4!

Is this related to how when having multiple Machine components on an object, the graph will occasionally reset to the first Machine component? (Appears to be on a refresh, eg after a save, and simply loading the first graph on the gameObject)

If not then I'll open a new ticket.