Forge Networking Support?

Does Itmatter 4 years ago updated by William ianneci 4 years ago 3

Every single sleazy networking author is trying to steal money from people with CCU systems.

Forge networking is the only one that isn't this way.

Is it supported with visual scripting?

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no idea as i havent looked into it myself, but it should be doable as is? needs some scripting though

just gotta hook up your net controller scripts to bolt... right?? and send the vars to em



itd be nice though

the Photon crap is garbage

ya photon is trash. I thought bolt was pure visual scripting but I have been unable to get a single thing to work with it. I bought with the idea to write zero code but so far I have not been able to convert ANYTHING and it really sucks...:(

Deeper integration with a networking solution are coming in-

Version 1.10: Networking

  • Variable synchronization
  • Networked events
  • Variable changed events

If you are have and specific issues with something just post here or on help on discord and users will be happy to assist. I am not doing anything related to networking with Bolt so would not be the best to help. 

All visual scripting options have limitations, EVERY SINGLE ONE, but Lazlo is certainly narrowing that gap.

A little additional info-

Your scripts would be converted to units.

All of your personal scripts should be useable at the get go, for some 3rd party assets just follow the info in the link I posted.


Custom Types / Bolt Manual Forum / Ludiq
Bolt supports every class and struct type. By default, however, only the most common are included in the fuzzy finder, along with all types derived from Unity objects like components, Mono behaviours and scriptable objects.
If you need to use a n...

Basically anything you can code in C# you can do in Bolt. Just visually so no real integration is needed . Between the current codebase, Super units, Macros, and Custom units, there should be little if anything you cannot do.

Bolt uses optimized reflection to access the entire C# side of your codebase. If it is C#, then Bolt can access it (even the private, hidden stuff, if you want). Bolt does not support delegates/events/callbacks currently, though that is coming. Currently, if you need to provide a callback to a 3rd party asset, you have to write a small (like 5 line) wrapper to pass the event back to Bolt. I think built-in support for those is planned for 1.7, but we're a few months from that yet