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Inspector doesn't update custom velocity variable

unicoea 3 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 3 years ago 2


I follow the tutorial, and when i set the velocity of rigidbody2d of the character, and press the movement when character collider with a wall. I found the graph's velocity is 5 on x_axis, but when i use a script to get the velocity, it shows zero. So the zero should be right, because the character don't move in front of a wall.

So if it is a little bug? Or i need to get the velocity another way?

Thank you!

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I wonder if this is just because the inspector isn't updating the displayed value automatically.

Can you log the velocity after your current code in Update() to see if it does get passed?

Otherwise, can you try putting that Update code in FixedUpdate instead?

Not a Bug

I couldn't reproduce the issue.

Re-reading your post, I feel like you might be confused about what value shows up on the connection. It is not the current value of the property that is connected, but it is the last value that was assigned when that property was fetched.