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Auto Embed Macro when Super Unit

JasonJonesLASM 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 4

I always thought it would be real nice to have a toggle on a FlowMacro to embed the macro on add as super unit. Of course you can manually do it, but I can't tell you how many times I edited the source version on accident, and it's extremely safe and useful for community users.

My idea is that it highly suits premade systems. Equivalent of having your own custom DefaultGraph ().  Becomes a custom nester graph almost. 

What I will first implement in the new update is the idea I already told you with Flow Variables and using them and events like classes. Say I want a new method, which is a super unit, already set up with the proper entry unit and return unit that excepts a result. Then the user works with it inside, but they don't need to know to add certain things. They are there and ready for them to make there own version without remembering to convert. Because only that type should be custom every time it's added in.

I can see it being also highly useable for custom systems like dialogue, UI, ect. Where you might have say "New Dialogue", but the user wants to customize the look and feel, or how in games, certain text is color coded. The setup would already be there, and you plugin your stuff, without needing to do it manually every time, as it should be for specific macros.

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If I understand correctly, you'd want a check that converts the macro to an embed automatically when dragged into the graph?

Interesting! I could see that being useful. It could be a simple check labeled "Template". It would probably reside on the macro scriptable object's inspector itself, not in the graph inspector.

Yeah, that sounds perfect!