Playmaker integration

Waveform 3 years ago updated by matt k 1 year ago 8


I created Playmaker integration because my procject need it, if your guys need it too just download it and add to your project.

21/06/2019 :

add 3 new Powerful actions "Get/Set Flow Machine Macro" and "Run Macro" the Run Macro action allow Macro running inside the action similar to RunFSM that also means you can use a Macro as a action 

Fixed the Get/Set Value update BUGs.

08/12/2018 :

(break changes, backup before update) simplify actions and bug fix


Fixed and readded "Bolt Flow Machine" for 1.4


removed "Bolt Flow Machine" because1.4 is no longer supported(fix it later)


add "Trigger Bolt Custom Event" in "Bolt General" category


fixed the "set" actions require variables


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      Hi Waveform, thanks this sounds perfect.

      Sorry I'm a noob with visual scripting, I also own Playmaker and Bolt and this sounds perfect that i could use both of them in unison on the same project. Wondered how this integrates with Playmaker & how would i add it to my project?

      I have tried extracting the folders to my projects asset folder but not sure how to use this once it is in my project and how it will integrate.

      any advice welcome or if there is a website link you can point me to that explains what im missing :)



      You did nothing wrong. Just unzip it to your project and you will find the new playmaker actions.

      and to get playmaker variable with bolt need bit more steps:


      download the image to see the text in image

      Excellent, thanks will have a play :)

      Please update this to 1.4 :)

      Hey, I don't know if I am going insane or not. But I am having major problems sending variables to bolt from playmaker. I got it working in a strange way but it's far from clean. For some reason the variables I send over don't send correctly and instead sends nothing, clearing the original variable. So it is doing something... That said if I send the variable every tick until it matches the variable I am sending over, it works. well mostly, if I don't have certain windows active in the editor then it keeps sending the wrong information. 

      A few other important notes; If I just send something manually put in from PM to BOLT it works fine. I think? But having it send via variables I make seems to throw it off completely.

      And before you ask, yes I checked to see if it was sending the variable before it collected the correct information in PM first.

      Unity 2019.1.6

      BOLT 1.4.3f2

      Playmaker 1.9.0.p16



      I know this issues aswell because I had something similar before, and this BUG is Playmaker itself. Not problem with the action. Well, the problem is pretty easy to fix, because it`s a delay in Playmaker to update Var.

      Here is the fix:


      Toggle on Action Sequence

      Action Sequence allow the actions done step by step.


      Download NextFrameEvent Fix, and overwrite in



      Add Next Frame Event action Before the Set Variable

      Not going lie. Did not know action sequence was even a thing haha... I'll check it out soon and see if it works. Thanks

      That said, what's the deal with the "next frame event fix". Just making sure I don't create any other problems for myself by overwriting that.

      I have the custom actions in playmaker but the link where you show how to access the actions in bolt is not working anymore. How would i access a custom event action in bolt?