Recursive Units don't register as entered

Real World 3 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 3 years ago 10
I created a looping section within these 3 nodes and they all turned yellow hooking PromptSwitchToAR up to GenerateGoals. The logic works correctly when run so I think this warning is wrong
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You need to setup your Relations on your Custom Unit.

Relation(source, destination) 

or in your case

Relation(invoke, switch);
Relation(invoke, continue);

put that at the end of Definition.

Already done that


Hmmm, right on. Probably detects possible recursion on your switch output, that can do it too.

Pending Review

That could be it, but IIRC I coded it to register as entered if there was a recursion. 

Can you display the relations in your screenshot to make sure everything works right?

Toggle the Relations button in the toolbar..

Working on Fix

Will investigate & attempt to fix for 1.4.

Fixed in Alpha

Found & fixed in v.1.4 alpha 4. However, I'd like to rework the recursion detection code further here, but for now it should do the trick!