Units should have compact versions where aplicable (one row without header icon)

Andrew Leshyk 3 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 1 year ago 2

Literals, vectors, transforms take too much space and they occur very frequently. Hence, the suggestion - compact those units into one line and remove their header with icon.

This will make graphs cleaner, giving you more space for actual methods. Ideally, I would love a unit to have 3 draw states - full, compact, minimized. Once you've put a unit you'll never ever return to, you'd really like to hide it completely.

Great example here is Instantiate.

It may not look bad, but those literals and transforms pile up and pollute the graph, encouraging messy spaghetti.
I didn't put much effort in design, because minimal is minimal. Outstanding "square" button is to switch between "compact" and "icon only" draw modes.

Something like that.

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Icanscript have very good layout for managing nodes.(just for reference if you like) 0.54 sec


(Sorry for the bump/necro, I'm doing some roadmap grooming following the Unity acquisition!)

This is now supported in Bolt 2 Alpha; all units are now much more compact, and header rows have been cut by half.